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Discover why eTEFL is different to most TEFL certifcate providers.

With so many TESOL/TEFL course providers around it can be tough to know who to pay your hard earned money to, and whether it is even worth it!

There are a lot of rumours in the ESL industry which sometimes shapes people’s decisions on what certificate provider they choose. Some believe that you need to do a face to face course to have any hope in securing a role, others believe that just doing the cheapest course will be okay because there is so many jobs available and the certificate is basically just a piece of paper.

Well… neither of those things are true, and neither are most of the rumours in between. The fact is that while there are a lot of jobs being advertised the schools and recruiters still have minimum standards. But they are also aware that many potential teachers don’t have the time or the money to be able to attend on location certificate classes, especially if their main goal is to teach online.

That’s where eTEFL comes in!


eTEFL has three different packages that suit any budget.

In every package you get:

    • 120-Hour accredited online TEFL course
    • Internationally Recognised TEFL/TESOL Certificate
    • Personal tutor
    • Cambridge (TKT) Online Course & Exam. A globally recognised certificate (Value $225)
    • Job Club Membership
    • DIY Job Application Kit
    • eTefl Online Referral Program Membership with 10% Commissions
    • Bonus teaching Young Learners ModuleBonus teaching Business English Module

This will ensure you are fully qualified and have a solid foundation to start your ESL teaching career.

The more comprehensive packages also include job seekers assistance + free job application services from Just ESL Resumes.

Whether you have a degree, don’t have a degree, are experienced or not, eTEFL has a range of packages to ensure you have the best opportunity at landing a job after you are TEFL certified.

Find out just how easy it is to get your TESOL certificate! Don’t panic that you don’t have 120 hours spare to get qualified.

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Still not sure whether eTEFL is for you? You can book them to give you a call at your convenience so you have all the information you need. eTEFL isn’t just any course provider that gets you in and then lets you flail around with no idea what your next step is going to be once your course is completed.

eTEFL wants you to succeed and has many additional services to help you start earning money teaching English within weeks.

Are you ready to invest in yourself and your future?