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There are many reasons why a teacher may start their own ESL tutoring business.

Due to an insatiable demand from China most online roles available currently are to teach children under the age of 12. Unfortunately there is a lot of teachers who don’t feel like teaching children is something they can do easy for whatever reason. However there are many other students that need to learn English and this is where starting your own English tutoring business comes in.

Perhaps it is because you want to have more control over your earning capacity or when you work?

You probably haven’t considered starting your own tutoring business because you think it is difficult, you don’t know what to teach your students or you wonder how you will get students. They are relevant concerns of course, but we are here to give you three easy options to getting out on your own and you can start earning  much more than working for someone else.

Remember! Just because you are getting your own business off the ground, doesn’t mean you can’t still be earning money teaching online with other businesses.

Benefits of your own ESL tutoring business

    1. You can choose your niche
    1. You can choose your clients
    1. You can choose what to charge (often up to $50/hour)
    1. You can choose your hours
    1. You can choose the platform you teach on
  1. You can choose your curriculum

Notice all the benefits involve you making your own choices?

Some niches you might choose to teach include:

    • Conversational English
    • Business English
    • Academic English
    • Pronunciation and accent
    • Medical English
    • IELTS training
  • English for travel

We know of three ways to get started and they do have their pros and cons.

Do It Yourself

This is the most cost effective way to get started but it can also be the most time consuming and sometimes difficult. But here are some simple ways to get started yourself.

Set up your own website, Facebook page or Linkedin profile. Setting up your own website costs a little bit of money, but can be done by yourself for under $100. As an English tutor you don’t need a complex website, even just a one pager where people can find out about you and you can explain why they should pay you to teach them English.

You can take payments using one of the many online payment systems such as PayPal, which unfortunately has fees attached but it means that your student can pay in whatever currency you want, and you can withdraw it to your bank account in your currency.

Getting clients is possibly the hardest thing, but there are several options available to you. You can advertise in Facebook groups for free, do paid advertising on various social media websites or search engines, or you can go straight to the source and contact businesses or schools and tell them about your services.

Knowing what to teach may seem difficult, but once you decide on your niche/s it will get much easier. You may have to invest some money into a paid curriculum, or some time into writing your own lesson plans.

Delivering the lessons is the easiest part! With the advent of numerous online communication platforms you can teach anywhere and everywhere. You could use Skype, Facebook Messenger, Zoom, Snapchat, WhatsApp or many more different platforms.


  • Cheap to get started
  • Can get started immediately while working for other companies
  • Can tailor to your needs


  • Might be difficult to get clients immediately with no help
  • A lot of trial and error in getting things right
  • Trying to build a website if you have no experience

Teach English Online Course

The Teach English Online Course is a step-by-step video course that shows you how you can become a successful online English teacher.

It shows you how you can offer high-quality lessons no matter your subject, work with learners who you want to work with, and earn a decent income through helping others.

The course is membership-based, and upon registering, you will get your own login details access (this includes all future updates and additions to the course).

The main course – there are various other tutorials – is split up into 6 sections, with 45 video lessons in total. These sections are:

Section 1. Setting the Foundations

Section 2. Finding Your English Teaching Niche

Section 3. Getting Set Up

Section 4. Building a Website that Converts

Section 5. Getting Students

Section 6. Overview and Expanding

Some of the things you’ll learn include:

    • The number one mistake new teachers make, how to avoid this while also standing out on busy platforms
    • The right mentality to have in relation to your competition (hint: there isn’t any competition)
    • TWO videos and more resources on how to choose an English teaching niche that will bring in high paying learners.
    • How to spend less time on planning while getting better results (the 80/20 rule in action!)
    • Learn what to include in your lessons to maximize the value you offer and, therefore, your income.
    • What tools and resources do I need to teach? It’s all covered here, including many things you probably haven’t thought about that are super important.
    • How much should you charge? Get some solid numbers and advice that’s going to get you VERY excited about your earning potential.
    • Learn how to get students right now with four different methods that work (don’t wait to do this, start filling up your schedule today).
  • There’s a quick-start guide to advertising on the platforms that work. The ROI can be INCREDIBLE if you apply my methods.

Find out more about The Teach English Online Course.


  • Get advice from someone who has done it all before
  • Find out how to get students, how much to charge and what to teach
  • Instructions on how to build a website
  • A mentor to help you when you have any questions
  • You can get started building your tutoring business immediately after sign up


  • A bit more expensive to get started (but you’ll probably start earning more money sooner)


eEnglish is an online turnkey package that includes the scheduling software, online classroom platform for 1-on-1 and group lessons, and the training that comes with it, to start your own online teaching business. They even provide you with your students! That means no advertising costs, no spending half your time recruiting students and no worrying about payment systems and refunds. eEnglish connects you directly with Chinese and other ESL students, so no more middlemen. You earn up to *$60 per hour with eEnglish.


  • Ready to go customer base
  • Established brand
  • Everything set up
  • Spend more time teaching and earning money than looking for students
  • No advertising costs
  • Purchase price may be a tax deduction


  • Initial outlay may be more expensive

Go to the eEnglish website to find out more.

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