8 Easy Side Hustles for ESL Teachers

ESL Teacher Side Hustles

Side hustles will help you develop other skills and help you earn extra cash.

Teaching English online is a fantastic way to make money, but there are plenty of opportunities for ESL teachers to make money on the side. Some are still somewhat in the ESL industry but others use the skills and experience you have developed as an online ESL teacher. 

Here are 8 easy ways you can make money with a side hustle as an ESL teacher.

8 Side Hustles for ESL Teachers

1. Writing ESL Lesson Plans

There are a lot of ESL teachers out there who are great teachers but don’t have the time or interest to develop their own lesson plans. If lesson planning and writing are your forte, there are literally thousands of teachers out there in all niches looking for your help. So perfect to earn extra cash as a side hustle.

You could sell them as packages or just per lesson. Know a lot about Star Wars? You could write lesson plans that use the movies to learn English. Got a background in real estate? Write lesson plans for teachers in that niche. The list is endless, and once they are done you can sell them numerous times. 

Residual income is perfect for side hustles, and writing lesson plans is an easy way to get that income.

2. Teacher Referrals

Some online platforms offer US$100 or more for every successful ESL teacher you refer to them. A lot of teachers who make money from doing this run successful YouTube or Instagram accounts to share their referral code as much as possible. They also offer mentoring through the recruiting process to help ensure potential ESL teachers have the best chance of securing a role. If you’ve got social media game, this could definitely be one of the most suitable side hustles for you.

3. Etsy

If you’re one of those people who managed to get the craft gene why not put it to good use as a side hustle?! Less craft orientated ESL teachers would love to have creative and engaging backdrops and props that are different from the norm. You could create and sell all sorts of background materials and props for ESL teachers to use, and Etsy is the place most people would be searching. Again if social media is your thing too, you can promote your products directly to other teachers. 

4. Blogging

Yes, you can make money from blogging! And if you know a bit about teaching ESL either online or face to face, why not share your knowledge with those who need a bit of help. Sure you won’t earn money immediately, but with a bit of time and dedication you will get to help others and create a small side hustle. 

5. Social Media Management

So this is one of those ideas that is not directly associated with teaching ESL but if you know a bit about using one or two platforms to promote yourself, you may be able to earn some money from it. You may need a little bit of training, as posting for a business is not the same as posting for your family and friends. However, no formal qualifications are required and within weeks and even if you only get one client you could be earning $800+ a month on the side for just a few hours work. This is one of the side hustles that could earn you the most amount of money.

6. Copywriting/Content Creation

If you’re an ESL teacher who loves to write, copywriting or content creation might be the best of these side hustles for you. Basically you write blogs or emails or articles or anything really for businesses who don’t have the time or skills to put together good content for their clients. Generally you would charge per word or article, and there are literally thousands of businesses out there looking for people just like you to write for them. 

7. Freelance

Freelancing covers almost everything else, and a lot of people make money from their side hustles doing it. If you check out a site like Fiverr.com you’ll find there are thousands of people making money doing all kinds of tasks and jobs. Some are fairly normal such as building websites but there are also all kinds of other things like tarot readings, writing tinder profiles, and doing voice overs. If you’ve got a skill or a hobby, no doubt there is someone looking for someone like you. 

8. Photography

Some people have a real talent for photography and never use their skills to their benefit. There are so many ways to make money with photography and most people have access to a decent camera these days even if it is on their smartphone. You don’t need to be taking high end wedding photos to make money, many people use stock photos to make money as their side hustle.

There are many more ways for ESL teachers to make money on the side, if you can imagine it, it can be done! If you have other ideas, comment below!

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